Established in 1978, Phil Brest Electrician has grown from humble beginnings into a dominant force in the electrical industry. We attribute our success to the fact that we ensure we have a personal relationship with our customers. We pride ourselves in developing friendly, caring and long lasting relationships with all our customers while maintaining our honest, reliable and professional service delivery.

Phil Brest Electrician is a family owned and run business and they have designed, implemented and executed innovative electrical operations in townhouses, factories, domestic dwellings and corporate environments. We currently maintain in

The advantages

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excess of fifty buildings in the Johannesburg, Sandton and surrounding areas. Our staff compliment consists of 5 teams and 14 personnel, some of whom have been employed in excess of twenty years.


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Compliance certificates:

Electrical installation and electric fence
We are a registered and long standing member of the Electrical Contractors ECA SA

electric meter


Earth leakage faults, stove / oven repairs, geyser repairs, fault finding, pool motors and all general

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electrical maintenance in its widest form …

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href=”/lighting-design-installation”>white light bulb

Lighting design & installation:

Garden, outdoor and security lighting. We will design, implement and execute all aspects of your lighting requirements.

Other services include but are not limited to the following


Alterations / additions

Pre-paid meters

Data cabling

Emergency lighting

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